Rabies vaccination campaign – update on plans

Hi folks,

A quick update on our plans for the rabies vaccination campaign due to start on 17th October.  We have organised to work in collaboration with the local district veterinary officer and his team who will be doing Foot & Mouth Vaccinations in the cattle around and inside the conservancy at the same time.  This is fantastic, as it will also allow us to vaccinate the domestic dogs living inside the conservancy – those belonging to the re-settled farmers or ‘war-vets’ who invaded the conservancy in 2000.  Without the support of the local vet department it would be too dangerous and politically inappropriate for us to go into those area – although it’s very important that they get done.

I’d like to thank very sincerely those of you who have donated towards this campaign (I’m never sure if you want your names published or not so for now I wont do so, but let me know).  The money has been safely received and the total donated to date will allow us to purchase more than 300 rabies vaccines.  Our target is to vaccinate c. 2000 dogs (plus de-worm and frontline them), and we need money for petrol for the extension officers to campaign for people to bring their dogs to the temporary clinic sites.

You can support this campaign by clicking on the DONATE button to the right of this page. Once again, a huge thank you to those of you who have already donated – this is a very tangible way to help in the conservation of the endangered African wild dog.



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  1. Pirjo
    Posted October 8, 2010 at 6:26 pm | Permalink

    Hi Rosemary,thank you for the update.It’s good to know that you can start the vaccinations and hopefully more people will join in and send donations.

    I’ll send you another donation at the end of the month.

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