Bedford Pack down to ten

Hi folks,

We managed to find the Bedford Pack today, and spent the morning with them.  It was a cool morning, so they were very active, bouncing about in the long grass and leading us for kilometers through the bush!


Snowflakes LHS3

We did eventually get to see them quite nicely though, and confirmed that there are only 10 individuals left in the pack.  Pre denning season last year, the pack consisted of 9 adults.  They had 13 pups, but within the first 2 months 10 of those pups were killed by lions.  Shortly after they left the den, one of the remaining 3 pups disappeared and the two survivors are still with the pack.  We’ve named them Kellog and Kipling.  One adult, known as Pepper, has unfortunately gone missing as well.

Those that remain though appear healthy with no signs of injury or snare wounds.  They were full of energy this morning!


Bedford - 30-01-11
Back soon,


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