Batanai Pack Update

Hi folks,

Well the wild dog denning season is almost at an end – we only have two packs left denning now.  That makes this an important time of the year for monitoring pup survival to three months (the age at which they leave the dens).  So we try hard to find all the packs and get a good count of adults and pups just when they leave the den.

We found the Batanai Pack yesterday, and I’m pleased to be able to report that all ten pups are still alive and well.  We had camera traps up at their den from when they first denned down, and right from first emergence of the pups there were 10 pups in the litter.  So, so far so good for that pack, and we hope they continue to keep their pups safe and sound as they grow up more.


Unfortunately, it seems as though two or three of the adults may be missing from the pack and at least two others are carrying snares.  One of the snares looks to be quite loose and we are hoping it will come off on its own, but the other – unfortunately on a collared dog – is very tight and looks like a nasty wound.  Fortunately the dog still looks in good condition – I suspect the snare is quite new – but obviously I will be prioritizing getting that snare (and collar) off over the next couple of days.


Back soon,


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