Lions at the den!

A few weeks ago when we went to the Crocodile pack den we saw lion tracks there.  We checked the cameras and sure enough, we saw that a pair of lions had been to visit.  First though, there were a bunch of great pictures of the pups, playing and lazing around the entrance to their den:

Photos from the infra-red camera trap them showed what I always dread seeing…. lions – and right at the entrance to the den:

Fortunately however, a few hours later, pictures from the same camera showed all nine pups alive and well.  Whew!  Here they are being suckled by mom.

The following week they were all still at the den, none the worse for wear from the lions visit

Back soon,


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2 comments on “Lions at the den!

  1. Dana on said:

    In one word ‘whew’! Adorable pups!!

  2. John Sargent on said:

    Yes, my thoughts exactly!

    Healthy looking lions too.

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