Hitting the ground running

Hi folks,

Well I’m back in the bush and it’s certainly back to “reality” with a bump.  I arrived back yesterday evening after a 12 hour drive and 3 hours at the border the day before.  I was just starting to unpack when I was interrupted by a crashing in the garden which turned out to be the old bull elephant sneaking in where I had left the gate open, to break my Erthyrna tree.  So rude!

Back inside, I gave up on packing and settled down to catch up on the backlog of emails.  But the elephant must have disturbed a hive of bees because very shortly, the light dimmed as a massive swarm of bees converged on the bare lightbulb in my lounge!  Crazy.  I switched off the light, which just ended up making the bees migrate to the light from my computer screen, so I had to very rapidly evacuate to my bedroom and close the door quickly.  So much for catching up on emails!

This morning brought its own dramas with snared dogs, broken vehicles, political shananigans and attemped rhino poaching!

Anyway, the team has been working hard in my absence and the majority of dog packs are doing well. One adult male, from the Crocodile Pack, has picked up a snare around his head and neck, but when the pack was found today they were up a hill, completely inacessible for darting, and could not be coerced off.  We’ll keep trying and I’ll post news on him and everything else over the next few days

Back soon,


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