AWCF scholarhsip students set for the year

Hi folks,

While I’ve been away, our community liaison officer, Victor, has been out and about visiting all our secondary school scholars to ensure that the schools have received the fees we paid, and to check up on how they are doing.

For last years scholars, the idea was to ensure that they are still happy and doing well and to ensure their fees and uniforms etc were all in order.  Our attachment student Nobesuthu went along as well, and between her and Victor they gave the students fantastic motivation for working hard and getting good grades throughout their school career.


Our new scholars were met for the first time and were given their predator scholarship certificates, which they were very proud of.  All seemed to be happy in their new schools and enthusiastic about the year ahead.


For some students, all the teachers turned out to witness the certificate being handed over, and for others, the big smile said it all!



We look forward to seeing how they do this year and to engaging them with some of AWCF’s activities, to include them in the team.  All of these students are from extremely poor families, and would not have been able to continue to secondary school without our support.  It’s very emotional to think that these bright students would be back in the villages and most probably married off in the next year or two, had they not been given this opportunity.


So thank you very much to all of you who have supported our project through this blog, or in other ways, and who have enabled this support to be given.  If anyone would like to help with the continued support of these students, please get in touch through a comment on the blog.  Donations can be made by clicking on this link.

Back soon,


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