Spot the wild dog

We are not having much luck with getting good photos of the wild dogs this month….

Not that we are complaining, because the rain is obviously incredibly valuable, but the thick vegetation and tall grass is certainly not helping our viewing!!

Can you even spot the dog in this photo?!


This one is cropped and zoomed in, so at least we can see a wild dog in the photo, but as to which one it is, it’s anyone’s guess!


It’s only when they pop out onto the road that there is a chance for a reasonable photo.  But you have to be in the right place at the right time!  (Fortunately, this pack was not far from my house on Chishakwe Ranch, so I could nip out and catch them as they left the thick bush to go hunting yesterday evening)

IMG_8472 - Copy

Anyhow, despite the challenges of the vegetation, we are at least managing to get good counts of the packs and it’s encouraging to see that they are all pretty much the size they should be.  One pack has dropped five members, but instead of being bad news, I’m pretty sure they are a group of siblings who have dispersed to find new mates, and hopefully next time we see them, they’ll be half of a healthy new pack…!

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