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School scholarhips

Hi all,

As one of the strands of our multidimensional environmental education program, we provide secondary school scholarships to students from the primary schools we work in around the Save Valley Conservancy.  In order to try to maintain the link between the scholarships and our wildlife conservation efforts we call these “Predator Scholars”.  Each year we give five new scholarships out, each one for full expenses for the full six years of secondary school.

All the students we support are from very poor homes and would not be able to remain in school without the support of these scholarships.

I went to visit the scholars the other day, to see how they were doing and check on their progress with the head teachers.  I was pleased to find most of them with good results and getting good reviews from teachers.

Below is Melody Makeyi with her scholarship certificate in the headmasters study.  And below that is myself with Talent Muonde, our leopard scholar attending Kushingiriri Secondary School.  Talent was at Muvava Primary, the school supported by Chishakwe Ranch, where she also received a primary school scholarship from Chishakwe.  She is extremely bright and we hope she will go far in her life and career.

As the program develops, we hope to include these students in other aspects of our project in order to foster the link between the scholarships and conservation and also to give them some exposure to possible careers in the wildlife sector.

I’ll let you know how they all do as time goes on.  If anyone would like to sponsor a student through secondary school, either fully or partially, please make a donation by clicking on the DONATE button on the right hand side of this page, or by visiting the African Wildlife Conservation Fund education project site.