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A carpet of wild dogs

Hi folks,

We recently had an incredible sighting of the wild dogs in the Bedford Pack.  Misheck and I went out to find the dogs in order to download the GPS collar on the pack.  It was a stifflingly hot day, and given the strength and direction of the collar signals we guessed we’d find the dogs under a large baobab tree we could see ahead of us.  Getting close enough however meant going in on foot…   

Fortunately the wind was in our favour and the ground was bare, which allowed us to creep up on them undetected.  They were all sound asleep and didn’t notice us even when we were right up next to them!  We approached from behind the baobab and I was less than a meter from the closest dog when I took these photos. 

How’s this for a carpet of wild dogs?!

A large pack of African wild dogs

The pups were closest to the tree and were all in an interlinking pile of tails, paws, ears and fur….

Wild dog pups in a heap

What a privilege to see this.

A lot of wild dogs!