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Pythons, Cheetahs and Guineafowl

Hi folks,

I’ve been lucky enough over the past couple of weeks to see some pretty special things, so I thought I’d diverge briefly from wild dogs and lions and post a few photos of other things I have seen recently.

This python is known to be about 3.5m long.  We found her sunning herself in a somewhat uncomfortable-looking position (!) when we were driving spoor surveys the other day.

python in the baobab


python head

Check out that forked tongue!

A few days before this, we’d been lucky enough to see a group of 5 cheetah on the road as we headed to the south of the Save Valley Conservancy very early one morning.  It looked like a mum and 4 subadult cubs.  Of course the first thing we saw was this:

cheetah bum

But then curiosity got the better of a couple of the youngsters and they stopped to watch us for a while.  Cheetahs are very rare in Save Valley, so this was a real treat for us.

cheetah pose

As was seeing these crested guinefowl, which we spotted on our last trip to Gonarezhou.  These are also very uncommon, and are wonderfully entertaining birds to watch!

crested guineafowl

crested guineafowl2

So, always a lot to be looking out for on our endless wild dog searches!