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Snare removal from African Wild Dog in Save Valley Conservancy

Hi folks,

As always, we’re having a busy time out here, doing what we can on the ground and at the bigger scale to conserve African wild dogs and their habitat (and thus all the wildlife that subsequently benefits).  We recently managed to remove a snare from an adult male wild dog living in the Save Valley Conservancy – a dog I had named Potter, due to the Harry Potter lightenting scar shape on his thigh. (Well we have to name them something to keep track of who is who!!).

Potter is a stunning dog, and a key member of his pack, and we were distraught to see him with such a terrible snare wound.  Fortunately I managed to dart him and remove the snare:

It was a horrible copper wire, which are the worst because of the infection they cause:

And it had cut so deep it left a hole in his throat.

Fortunately though, it had not cut through the wind pipe, and a thorough examination of the dog showed him to be in remarkably good condition despite the snare, giving him a good prognosis for recovery, now he no longer has a tight wire cutting into his throat.

I am indeed pleased to say that he recovered well from the snare-removal operation and is doing fine two weeks on.  He’s a key player in his pack (10 dogs) and seems none the worse for wear for his ordeal.  Once again we can only marvel at the amazing relilience of these animals and their determination to survive the cruelty of the indiscriminate wire snares.


Videos of wild dog snare removal

Hi folks,

Have a look at these short video clips of the wild dog snare removal:



We located the pack today, and I’m chuffed to be able to report that Hobbit, the de-snared dog, is doing well.  In fact all the pack is, and there are still 11 adults and 10 pups which is great.

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