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Second rabies vaccination campaign

Hi folks,

The District Veterinary Office from Chiredzi District recently carried out another rabies vaccination campaign in and around the southern half of the Save Valley Conservancy, and further south.  We were able to help them out by providing fuel for their staff to get to the vaccination sites.  The turn out of dogs was good, and in total 2009 dogs were vaccinated inside and in areas immediately bordering the conservancy.

vaccination scene

This is about half the number of dogs on the total census, so we still have a way to go, but nonetheless a 50% turnout is a great effort.

dog being vaccinated

We still need to work on getting vaccination campaigns underway around the northern half of the SVC, which falls under a different District Veterinary Office.  We also plan to utilise these campaigns for education and feedback and general community liaison opportunities in future.

vaccination time

vaccination scene2

Every dog vaccinated against rabies reduces the risk of this terrible and highly infections disease getting into the endangered African wild dog population, so we will continue our efforts to increase coverage and turnout of the campaigns.  A great start so far for 2011 though.