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Elephant in the garden

We had an elephant come to visit the other day – he gave me quite a fright when I got out of the car and saw him right there in the garden, but he was very relaxed and quite happy eating the mango fruits off the tree!

Ele by the car

Ele by the house

A while later after dark I could hear him moving about the garden and then suddenly came a massive crash as he pulled down a huge branch on the Acacia tortillis tree in my garden.  He proceeded to rip up many of the smaller trees and shrubs and break the tree by gate as well.

Tree down

Tree down by gate

Oh well – he was here first.  Lucky I’m not much of a gardener really!  And it’s not as bad as the lion that killed one of the habituated warthogs on the lawn…!  It all happens here at Chishakwe Ranch – you should consider a visit!