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Wild dog pups in Gonarezhou

Hi folks,

Sorry for being quiet, I’ve been in Gonarezhou National Park for the past few weeks.  We’ve been doing a load of field work, including looking for wild dogs and dens, which is always a challenge in that huge area of wilderness.  But we’ve manged to find a couple of packs; one that had finished denning, and one that has just started.

The latter is in a very remote area right in the center of the park, and Rueben did an absolutely amazing tracking job to find them:

When we eventually found the den (to huge excitement I assure you!); the adults did what adults do – barked and ran away – but we were treated to a wonderful sight of the adorable pups curled up in the den entrance.  How cute is this…?!

If anyone wants to try and count them, let me know what you come up with.  “A bunch” is about as good as I get 🙂


We’ve put camera traps up to help us get a better idea of the number of adults in the pack, and to start getting a photographic identikit together.  We’ve got a while to sort out that pack though, fortunately.  By the looks of things the pups are only about 3 weeks old, so they will be denning for another 6 to 8 weeks.

More news from the park soon,



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