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Wild dogs in Gonarezhou originate from Save Valley!

Hi folks,

We recently got photos of a pack of wild dogs living in the very south of Gonarezhou National Park.  It was Rueben that saw the pack first and took the photos, and you can imagine my excitement when I looked through them and immediately recognised some of the adults as coming from Save Valley Conservancy!

The pack is 18 dogs; 4 adults, 2 yearlings and 12 pups.  Amazingly, all four adults are from Save Valley Conservancy, about 200km north of where they were spotted!  Three are male siblings who were born in 2009 and disappeared in 2010.  They are Sooty, Flint and Bubbles, and were some of the first dogs I ever got to know when I started working here, so it was SO nice to see them again!  The adult female they are with is named Aludra and was last seen in the south of SVC in 2009.

The pups and yearlings in this pack are absolutely stunning:

A few days later, we managed to get a collar onto this pack, which is fantastic.  We collared Sooty with a satellite collar, so will be able to track the pack’s movements even if they continue their southerly migration into South Africa!

The immobilisation went well, and he recovered nicely and soon joined up with the rest of his pack who were waiting for him a short distance away.

Around this time, some visitors to the park also saw this pack and managed to get a great video of them, interacting with hyenas over a kill.  Have a look at the video by clicking here (courtesy of Media Matrix).

I’ll let you know how the pack gets on.

Back soon,