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Another snare removed from an endangered African Wild Dog

Hi folks,

A few days ago, just when I returned from leave, our scouts reported a dog with a snare wire around his neck and head, which was partly cutting off his left ear.

Yesterday I manged to dart him and remove the wire that was tight around his head.

Although the wire was quite tight over the head, and the damage to the ear was quite bad, fortunately the wire had not cut too tight under the throat and we believe he has a very high chance of recovery.  We removed the wire, cleaned the wound with a sterile saline solution and treated it with antisepctic spray.  We also gave him a shot of long acting penicillin to help combat infection.

(It was quite a hot day, so we used ice packs to help cool him down).

We watched him rejoin some other members of his pack before we moved off and left him to recover with his pack mates.

During the same afternoon, we managed to fit a VHF collar to another dog in the pack so we can keep a better eye on them, and continue with swift reaction when there are snare injuries.

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Back soon,