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Three legged and snared dogs doing well

Hi folks,

Those of you who have been following this blog will know that in March we had a couple of wild dogs from the Splinters pack which ran through a snare line.  One of them had the wire tied tight round his neck, and suffered an horrific injury, but fortunately we managed to dart him and remove it.  I’m glad to say that he is doing well, showing no negative repercussions from his injury.

The other one had only three legs, after chewing his leg off to get out of the snare.  Amazingly, he has made a fully recovery as well – the wound had healed cleanly and the dog is a fully useful member of the pack.

The pack is denning now – and have about 12 pups!  Both the snared and the three legged dog have been seen at the den, regurgitating meat for the pups after coming back from a successful hunt.  Amazing!  I’ll let you know if anything happens to either of them, but for now they are both fully recovered team players.