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Hi folks,

I was driving up through the Save Valley Conservancy the other day, when I spotted a lionness near the road.  I got my camera out and reversed back to where I had seen her, to be greeted by an amazing sight…  A pride of eleven lions, eight of whom were posing beautifully for this family portrait;

In total there were 2 adult females, 2 subadult females, 4 subadult males, and 3 cubs.  After a minute or two, they all got up and walked off, but luckily the bush was open enough for me to be able to follow them.  I was alone in the car, and spent a blissful hour with the pride, who were very relaxed with the vehicle and stayed all around me.

It was that magical time of the evening when the light was lovely and rich, and the relaxed nature of these beautiful animals afforded me some lovely photographic opportunities;

I was also treated to a thrilling sound display as several members of the group started roaring; first one, who was answered by another on the other side of the car, and then several others joined in.  A truly fantastic priviledge to see and hear these magnificent beasts at such close quarters.