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Resilient wild dogs recover from injuries

Hi folks,

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about the wild dog pack that had run through a snare line: one dog had been killed, one suffered a deep, horrific injury round his neck from the snare wire, and one chewed his own leg off to get out of the snare…

I managed to dart the one with the snare around his neck and remove the wire and treat the wound, but could do nothing for the other one, except monitor his condition and be prepared to request for permission to euthanase him if necessary.

However, despite that terrible disability, we were amazed to see the dog remaining in good condition and keeping up with the pack.  The wound has continued to heal and there are no signs of infection.

The dog which I treated is also doing really well.  The wound will take a long time to close up completely, but at least with the wire off (and not cutting any deeper) it will have a chance to do so.  He is also looking in good condition and keeping up with the pack.  The wound is spotlessly clean, thanks to the administrations of his fellow pack members, and I am confident he will recover fully in time.

So so far so good, and fingers crossed they will continue to do well.