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Happy, Healthy Domestics Dogs with Human Welfare Benefits and Positive Consequences for African Wild Dogs!

Last month, in collaboration with Vets for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe (VAWZ) and the District Veterinary Department, we held a rabies vaccination campaign in Bikita District situated on the western boundary of the Savé Valley Conservancy. This was in response to reports of children dying from the virus and adults being bitten by suspected rabid domestic stray dogs in the area.

We operated at eight stations throughout the campaign and vaccinated a total of 969 domestic dogs. However, given that there are estimated to be almost 20 000 domestic dogs in just Bikita District alone, we most certainly have our work cut out for us! Given the close proximity of these communities to the wildlife in the conservancy, a rabies outbreak could not only be devastating for our African wild dog population, but many other wildlife species that are highly susceptible to the virus.

People arrive with their dogs in tow

People arrive with their dogs in tow


One man holds his dog whilst the vaccine is administered


Three dogs waiting their turn


Dogs of all shapes and sizes were vaccinated

Given the remoteness of these areas, operations like this are no small feat, and people often have to travel far distances to bring their animals to the nearest allocated site for vaccinations. This means some interesting modes of transport for the animals!


A novel use for a shopping basket


This must have been hard work in the midday heat, but we’re sure the pets enjoyed the scenic ‘drive’

We hope as word spreads and the people come to understand the benefit of these campaigns, not only for wildlife, but for their health and that of their domestic dogs too, we will have even greater support for the campaigns and a bigger ‘turnout’ of domestic dogs. We are hoping to carry out a follow up campaign in Mahenye (where we held an initial campaign in February this year) before the end of the year.


The team in action


A few successfully vaccinated dogs rest in the shade waiting for their ‘friends’ to be vaccinated

Report on Rabies Vaccination Campaign

Hi folks,

In October, we carried out the first of our rabies vaccination campaigns, and it was a great success.  We worked in collaboration with AWARE Trust and the district veterinary department to vaccinate domestic dogs in and around the south of the Savé Valley Conservancy against rabies and other infectious diseases.

Pup being vaccinated for rabies by the vet

Pup being vaccinated for rabies by the vet - Photo by AWARE Trust

We provided fuel for the awareness campaign as well as 750 rabies vaccines, 250 ‘7 in 1’ vaccines (including canine distemper and canine parvo-virus) and various consumables (needles, syringes etc), and had an excellent turn out to the vaccination sites.  Together with the veterinary department vaccines, several thousand dogs were vaccinated against rabies.

One of the vaccination sites - Photo by AWARE Trust

One of the vaccination sites - Photo by AWARE Trust

Dog being dosed for worms - Photo by AWARE Trust

Dog being dosed for worms - Photo by AWARE Trust

So a very big thank you to everyone who donated funds for this project – it is one of the most important aspects of what we do here.  Not only will it considerably reduce the risks of rabies and other diseases spreading into the wild dogs and other wildlife, it also has very significant positive health implications for the domestic dogs.