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Lovely sighting of White Rhino and calf

Misheck came back the other day with some lovely rhino photos which I thought I would share with you.  He was on his motorbike on his way to look for the Crocodile Pack of wild dogs when he met this mum and calf white rhino walking up the road.


Switching the bike off and keeping completely still as they approached meant they were not aware of him until they were quite close.  At which point they checked him out for a while and then trotted off into the bush.


As is typical with white rhinos, the calf walked ahead of the mum.  Interestingly in black rhinos, the calf normally follows the mother.


I’m sure most of you will be aware of the rhino poaching war going on in southern Africa at the moment.  Sadly the Save Valley Conservancy is not immune from the senseleess slaughter and several rhinos have been lost this year, which makes a sighting like this even more special.