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Wild dogs and a rhino!

Hi folks,

A few days ago I was told about a pack of dogs resting by a waterhole.  When I went there, standing at the waterhole next to the wild dogs was a white rhino bull!  Not bad to have two such special and threatened species together in one place!

White rhino

The pack turned out to be the Bedford Splinter Group – or at least some of them….  The two collared females were there (and we successfully downloaded the GPS collar), but it was only the five females that were there.  The two males, and the one pup that was last seen in January, were not with the group.  It’s possible that the males have split off and gone in search of new females as is happening in several of our other packs, but it’s not that likely because this was already a new pack formed – only formed last year.

All five of the Splinter Pack

Unfortunately neither of the males were collared so it’s going to be tricky to establish what happened to them, but we’ll be keeping a look out for them, and hoping that they have just split off from the group rather than being killed.

Back soon,