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AWCF Education Project – Kids enjoy access to wildlife books

Hi folks,

Thanks to generous support from the Rufford Foundation, we have managed to establish a mobile education unit for communities around the Save Valley Conservancy.  We are still working out exactly how the logistics will work best, but in the meantime we’ve been having some great times with kids and adults from in and around the conservancy.

We’ve got hundreds of books and magazines now, all with an animals, wildlife or conservation theme, and which are suitable for all ages and reading abilities.  Our attachment student, Nobesuthu Ngwenya, has been labelling and cataloguing all the resources and covering the books with protective plastic where necessary.

We then take these, along with conservation and environmental-themed DVDs into communities, and allow people to use them as they would a library.  One of the AWCF team is always there to assist and to engage with the younger children.

Sometimes though, the greatest value is just in giving them time with the books.

Even the youngest seem to get the idea eventually!

We’ve got so much more going on with our education program and it’s really exciting.  I’m just struggling to find time to post blogs about it all!  But it’s all going on all the time, and I’ve no doubt our efforts are making a difference.  Thanks to all those who have supported us.  And thanks to Chishakwe Ranch for being the centre of it all and providing the team with a base.

Back soon,