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Batanai Pack’s new alpha pair

A couple of days ago we found the Batanai Pack resting by a beautiful waterhole.  Having successfully downloaded their GPS collar earlier in the day, I went back to them in the late afternoon and spent a couple of hours with the dogs.  It was wonderful – made a very nice change from my all-too-common desk-bound days!  The light was stunning…….

Beautiful light

The pack was extremely relaxed and – when they started to become active just before moving off to hunt – came right up to the car to check me out.  This is our collared female, Twinspot.


Very excitingly, the observation of the pack also allowed me to work out who the new alpha pair is.  (You’ll remember this was a newly formed pack so the alpha status was up for grabs!).  The alpha male is as exepcted – the oldest and biggest of the males from the original Star Pack – a dog called Jet.  For the females, it could have been any of the five – they are all same-age litter mates and none was showing particularly dominant tendencies while they were still in their natal pack.  Anyway, it turns out that a female we called Hermione will be the new alpha female (Very apt for any Harry Potter fans!!). We even saw them mating!


That was pretty exciting for me – it’s rare to witness that in the wild.  And hopefully means that in 70 days or so we will have a litter of pups!

The other dogs were being their usual playful and curious selves and gave me some lovely photographic opportunities.  It’s such a great pack!

more playing



Back soon,