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Snare removal from African wild dog

Hi folks,

As I mentioned in the update on the Batanai pack, when we last saw this pack, we noticed that Hobbit, one of the collared males in the pack, had a very nasty snare wound around his neck.

Hobbit showing bad snare wound under the collar

We were desperate to get it off him, and of course remove the collar which must have been rubbing horribly, but we just could not get a darting opportunity.  We spent several days trying to get close enough to him in the car without any luck, and eventually tried a new tactic…. Darting from the back of the motorbike!

getting ready to go

That plan was all good and well until we took off at speed through the thorn bushes!


But then the focus was on getting close to the dog and getting a dart in, which we succeeded in doing.  Unfortunately he didn’t go down properly (badly injured animals often don’t) so after a combination of ambushes from the middle of a thorn bush (?!) and sneaking up on him behind a tree I managed to get a second dart in and he went down well.

It was such a relief after trying for so long, to be able to finally get that snare off.  It was a tight copper-wire snare.  A very nasty wound, which has cut deep into his neck but thankfully not through the windpipe.  Here is a picture of the injury after treatment:

Once the snare had been removed

I will post a video of the operation soon.

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Back soon,